The Weighty Tome Practice Round


Toss-Up #1:  Who was the victorious commander at the Civil War Battle
     of Atlanta?

     --  General Sherman

Bonus #1:  For ten points each, give me (a) the first year of the 
     French Revolution and (b) the last year of the American 
     Revolutionary War.

     --  (a) 1789; and (b) 1783


Toss-Up #2:  Hydrogen and helium are the most common elements in the 
universe.  What are the two most common elements in the earth's crust?

     --  silicon and oxygen

Bonus #2:  Give the usual names of the following physical constants --
     (a) 2.998 times ten to the eighth meters per second and 
     (b) 1.381 times ten to the negative twenty-third joules per 

     --  (a) the speed of light; and (b) Boltzmann's constant


Toss-Up #3:  Which famous orchestra once conducted by Arthur Fiedler 
     began as a subdivision of the Boston Symphony?     

     --  The Boston Pops

Bonus #4:    For ten points each, name any two of the most famous 
     ancient Greek writers of tragedies.

     --  Aeshylus, Euripides, and Sophocles


Toss-Up #5:  How many tentacles does a squid have?

     --  ten

Bonus #5:    For ten points each, give me the medical terms for the 
     following common disease names -- (a) lockjaw and (b) whooping 

     --  (a) tetanus; and (b) pertussis


Toss-Up #6:  In what country did the Boxer Rebellion of 1900 take 

     --  China

Bonus #6:    For ten points each, name the basic unit of currency for 
     the following countries -- (a) Portugal and (b) South Africa.

     --  (a) escudo; and (b) rand (but not Krugerrand -- that's an 
             ounce of solid gold.)


Toss-Up #7:  David slew Goliath.  Beowulf slew Grendel.  So, who slew 
     the Minotaur?

     --  Theseus

Bonus #7:    Usually crime doesn't pay, but the high crime of mutiny 
     will earn you ten points each for telling me (a) the name of the 
     insane ship captain in "The Caine Mutiny" and (b) the cruel ship 
     captain in "Mutiny on the Bounty."

     --  (a) Captain Queeg; and (b) Captain Bligh


Toss-Up #8:  Consider the following years -- 79 A.D., 330 A.D., 
     800 A.D., and 1618 A.D. -- and then tell which of those four 
     dates witnessed the coronation of Charlemagne.

     --  800 A.D.

Bonus #8:    For ten points each, identify the art, craft, or 
     profession in which the following famous natives of Arkansas 
     became famous -- (a) Douglas MacArthur and (b) Alan Ladd.

     --  (a) army general; and (b) movie actor


Toss-Up #9:  Which very famous composer wrote an opera entitled "The 
     Magic Flute"?

     --  Mozart

Bonus #9:    "Citizen Kane" is one of the most famous movies ever 
     made.  For ten points each, tell me (a) the three part full name 
     of the movie's title character and (b) the three part full name 
     of the actual person upon whom that character was based.

     --  (a) Charles Foster Kane; and (b) William Randolph Hearst


Toss-Up #10:  Which heavenly body did medieval alchemists associate 
     with the element gold?

     --  the sun

Bonus #10:    For ten points each, identify the following elements -- 
     (a) element number 54 whose name comes from the Greek word for 
     "stranger" and (b) element number 22 whose name comes from the 
     Titans of Greek mythology.

     --  (a) xenon; and (b) titanium


Toss-Up #11:  Who came just before Hosni Mubarak as President of 

     --  Anwar Sadat

Bonus #11:    For ten points each, identify (a) the Persian Gulf 
     country which is composed of thirty-five islands and whose 
     capital city is Manama and (b) the Southern Asian country whose 
     capital city is Dhaka.

     --  (a) Bahrain; and (b) Bangladesh


Toss-Up #12:  So, who died and made James Stuart King James the First 
     of England?

     --  Elizabeth the First

Bonus #12:    For ten points each, in what countries did the family 
     names of the following Americans originate?  -- (a) President 
     Martin Van Buren and (b) chemist E. I. Du Pont.

     --  (a) Holland (or Netherlands); and (b) France


                    END OF PRACTICE ROUND 

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