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      This is the original Wanted poster on
      Osama (or Usama) bin Laden. He was being
      sought before 9/11 for his role in the
      bombing of U.S. embassies in East Africa.

      The FBI's Ten Most Wanted List

      In the past Americas most sought after criminals were usually bank robbers, organized crime figures and drug kingpins -- lawbreakers such as Bonnie and Clyde or Al Capone, the kind of criminals whose lives make entertaining movie plots--, but the F.B.I.s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list for February 2003 is a collection of cowardly terrorists, brutal murderers, and disgusting sexual perverts. I noticed right away that Eric Robert Rudolph, accused of deadly bombings in Birmingham and Atlanta, and Osama bin Ladin, accused of masterminding the bombings of the U.S. embassies in Africa and the devastating 9/11 bombings, were both on the list because of their involvement in those cowardly acts of terrorism. Looking a little further into the list I found that a sadistic multiple murderer named Robert Fisher is wanted for killing his family by burning down the house where his wife and two young children were sleeping. The most distressing character on the list, however, was Richard Goldberg, a creepy-looking man in his forties, who is wanted for six counts of having sex with little girls under ten years old and who is also accused of videotaping his sick activities with the girls. After looking at those disturbing characters and the rest of the people on the most wanted list, one can see that those ten terrorist bombers, brutal murderers, and sexual perverts are definitely not the sort of people whose life stories make good movies.